Migdalia Loyola | The Queen Pins


I have been bowling to raise funds for Our Justice (Formerly Pro-Choice Resources) for 11 years!! I'm so excited to be a part of this year's Bowl-a-Thon. With your help I can meet my fundraising goal of $500 $1,000 and together we can strike down the barriers that exist to accessing sexual and reproductive rights.

What I love about Our Justice, and organization I have been involved in for over a decade, is how at the center of its mission is understanding and tackling the complexities that impede our ability to access our reproductive freedoms. This is the kind of analysis and approach we need so that everyone can realize these freedoms in their everyday lives. 

Our Justice’s Bowl-a-Thon is the longest-running fundraising event in the organization's history. Last year, people like you helped raise $135,000 at this event. Since Our Justice doesn’t receive funding from the government or large corporations, those funds are vital to Our Justice’s ability to serve our communities. Our Justice simply couldn’t do it without donors like you.

Wondering how much to give? It may help to know how your dollars are used:

$1,000 - We have been working toward our vision of ending reproductive oppression for 50 years, please help us continue that work until our vision is reality.

$500 - Provides abortion care funding for those in need and keeps the Abortion Assistance Fund Hotline open.

$100 - Supports Our Justice in facilitating Emerge –Our Justice’s support group for people who have had abortions.

$75 - Helps guide pregnant women, youth, and transgender people to pregnancy or parenting resources, such as abortion, prenatal care, adoption, etc.

$50 Because Our Justice has been around for 50 years! 

$25 - Purchases safer sex products to distribute in the community.

Are you with the Queen Pins? Our team loves to have fun bowling, design and wear award-winning costumes (fake eyelashes, glitter and wigs preferred), and create community around an issue we all believe in. Will you join me and the Queen Pins today? To make a donation, just click the “Donate Now” link on the right and fill out the fields. 

Thank you so much for your help to ensure our reproductive freedoms. Your contributions are essential to our success. So, GRACIAS!!

Funds raised: $1,680 Goal: $1,000


Thank you donors
Abigail Golden-Vazquez
Veronica Poses : $30
Marianna Tzabiras : $50
loved the team pics, thanks for all your great work and energy :)
Cynthia Ortiz : $25
Mary Leoni
Nory Angel
Nilda Oyola
Anne Garcia
Maria Arboleda
Alexandra Ecklund : $25
Is it really 25 years of Bowl-a-thons?! Thank you, Our Justice, for the crucial work past, present, and future!
Sarah Bray : $70
regina moore : $25
Hi Migdalia, one more time. I have it right this time! Thank you for your help and the effort put forth by you in Our Justice.
Jennifer Potter-Miller : $25
Ruhel Islam
Soraya Valedon : $25
Marna Anderson : $50
Go Queen Pins!!
Kimberly Ferencik : $50
Steff Yorek : $10
Reema Bazzy : $25
naomi stock : $50
good luck bowling
Mary Smalls : $100
Jennifer Soderholm : $50
Gerald Tyrrell : $50
nancy Tubbs : $100
Jill Farris : $40
Elisabeth McCrea : $25
Now more than ever!
Roberta Weisel
You all look stunning! And especially you in blue, Migdalia. Have a wonderful time! Love, Robbie
Sarah Stoesz : $100
Anonymous : $25
Amy Arcand : $50
Julie Schwalbach
Ann Freeman : $25
Thank you for your long commitment to reproductive justice!
Gary Greenfield : $25
Go Queen Pins!
Debra Fitzpatrick : $25
Thank you for your leadership!
Jarrod Julius : $50