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I'm so excited to be a part of this year's Bowl-a-Thon; it's going to be great. With your help I can meet my fundraising goal and together and we can strike down barriers to sexual and reproductive rights.

For 50 years, Our Justice (Formerly Pro-Choice Resources) has provided advocacy, access and education services to individuals and families in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest.

Our Justice’s Bowl-a-Thon is the longest-running fundraising event in the organization's history. Last year, people like you helped raise $135,000 at this event. Since Our Justice doesn’t receive funding from the government or large corporations, those funds are vital to Our Justice’s ability to serve our communities. Our Justice simply couldn’t do it without donors like you.

Wondering how much to give? It may help to know how your dollars are used:

$1,000 - We have been working toward our vision of ending reproductive oppression for 50 years, please help us continue that work until our vision is reality.

$500 - Provides care funding for those in need who decide or need to end their pregnancy and keeps the Abortion Assistance Fund Hotline open.

$100 - Supports Our Justice in facilitating Emerge –Our Justice’s support group for people who have had ended their pregnancies.

$75 - Helps guide pregnant women, youth, and transgender people to pregnancy or parenting resources, such as abortion, prenatal care, adoption, etc.

$50 Because we're 50! ??

$25 - Purchases safer sex products to distribute in the community.

Are you with me? Excellent. To make a donation, just click the “Donate Now” link on the right and fill out the fields. Super easy.

Thank you so much for your help to ensure our reproductive freedoms. Individuals like you are essential to our success.

Funds raised: $750 Goal: $700


Thank you donors
Jennifer Potter-Miller : $25
Go Beliza!
Jill Inderstrodt
Beliza, thanks for all you do to support reproductive justice!
Sandra Rodriguez
Thanks, Beliza!
Marcela Fuentes : $25
This is in memory of my friend JoAnne Ruvoli so that her spirit may rejoice in the great things you all are doing.
Anh Thu Pham : $25
Emmanuel Ortiz : $25
Olivia Levins Holden : $25
Go Go GO!!!!!!! Reproductive, sex, gender justice!
Yadilette Rivera-Colón : $25
Beliza Torres Narvaez : $50
Because I was a donor before I was a fundraiser for Our Justice!
Javier Morillo
Michelle Dahlenburg
Go Beliza!!
Alejandra y Saby Tobar Labor : $50
Gracias por tu compromiso y creatividad Beliza!
Bernice Arias : $50
Marta Knutson : $100
Sarah Myers : $50
Vanessa Cintron : $25
Joannette Cintron : $50
Good Luck Queen Beliza!
Jarrod Julius : $50