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I'm so excited to be a part of this year's Bowl-a-Thon; it's going to be great. With your help I can meet my fundraising goal and together and we can strike down barriers to sexual and reproductive rights.

For 50 years, Our Justice (Formerly Pro-Choice Resources) has provided advocacy, access and education services to individuals and families in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest.

Our Justice’s Bowl-a-Thon is the longest-running fundraising event in the organization's history. Last year, people like you helped raise $135,000 at this event. Since Our Justice doesn’t receive funding from the government or large corporations, those funds are vital to Our Justice’s ability to serve our communities. Our Justice simply couldn’t do it without donors like you.

Wondering how much to give? It may help to know how your dollars are used:

$1,000 - Our Justice has been working toward our vision of ending reproductive oppression for 50 years, please help us continue that work until our vision is reality.

$500 - Provides abortion care funding for those in need and keeps the Abortion Assistance Fund Hotline open.

$100 - Supports Our Justice in facilitating Emerge –Our Justice’s support group for people who have had abortions.

$75 - Helps guide pregnant women, youth, and transgender people to pregnancy or parenting resources, such as abortion, prenatal care, adoption, etc.

$50 Because we're 50! ??

$25 - Purchases safer sex products to distribute in the community.

Are you with me? Excellent. To make a donation, just click the “Donate Now” link on the right and fill out the fields. Super easy.

Thank you so much for your help to ensure our reproductive freedoms. Individuals like you are essential to our success.

Funds raised: $4,525 Goal: $4,375


Thank you donors
Andrea Jasken Baker : $56
Sapna Swaroop
Go queen pins!
Anika Ward
Stephanie Heim : $25
Yay! Thx for raising all of this money to support women.
Kristin Johnstad : $20
Thank you for advancing reproductive freedom and have fun (from the photo it looks like you know how to do that). Hip hip hoorah!
Samuel Rockwell : $25
Nettie Colón : $50
On behalf of Red Hen Gastrolab, Nettie & Ellen
Crystal Meisinger
Good luck Alison! Fun fundraiser for a great cause! Thanks for bringing awareness!
Jan Joannides : $25
Susan Haddow
monica bendele
Better late than never!!! ;)
Criquette Foundation : $15
Michael Stoesz : $44
Got you covered Alison. Greetings from the last frontier!
Bethany Snyder : $25
Such a worthy cause! Thanks for your dedication and commitment!
Ben Kressel : $44
Sarah Marcum : $25
Dale Suiter : $25
Thanks for helping a great cause!
Heather Kaiser
Nancy McAdams : $60
Anonymous : $25
Kelly Gullickson
Alison Shipman
Joseph Wood : $50
Margaret Adamek : $100
Have a great time!!!
Anonymous : $500
Amy Shellabarger : $50
Mindy Kurzer : $100
Steven Kinsella : $50
Lee Scholder : $25
Karen Lehman : $50
Go Queen Pins!
Leah Drury : $250
Wish I could be there this year! Thank you for your dedication! P.S. my husband's employer will match this donation :)
Allison Anfinson : $25
Keep working the cause!
Nancy Henderson : $100
tikki huntley
Allison Corrado : $100
Thanks for your leadership and commitment to reproductive justice! We all benefit when families have choice!
Veronica Walther : $20
Good luck! Thanks for doing this!
Christian Knights : $25
Diane Dodge : $10
So many worthy causes, so little cash! Go Alison!
Erica Mauter
Debanjana Chatterjee : $75
david manuel : $25
Kasey Ross
Janelle Waldock : $50
Kat Vann
Julianne Seiber : $50
Over the top!
Keep up the great work Alison! -june
Katie Lampi : $25
Megan O'Hara
Go Alison and team!
Corry Bregendahl
Michael Roberts : $50
Aaron Reser : $25
Go Queen Pins! Thanks for doing this every year Alison & team!
Beth Dooley : $50
Queen of Pins! You Rock!
Carla Carrillo
Amanda Jansen
Thomas Pernecke : $25
Katherine Johnson
Anika Ward
Jennifer Conway
Michael Dahl : $50
Niel Ritchie : $50
Thanks for your determination and spirit Alison!
Houa Vue : $50
Carolyn Rehn
You go girl!
Michelle Horovitz : $36
Sue Letourneau
Jody Parr : $25
You go grrrl!
Noel Vaughan
Grit Youngquist : $50
Bowl & rock on Queen Pins! xo
Helen Charles
Florence Thompson : $100
Suzanne Hendler : $50
Go get ‘em, bowling queen!!!
Michelle Strangis
Always happy to support Our Justice - Thanks Alison for being on their team!
Beth Wistrcill : $50
Huyen Nguyen : $25
Amanda Standerfer : $25
Sarah Senseman
Nicole Lindberg : $100
Kath Hammerseng : $25
Paul Hugunin
Thanks Alison & The Queen Pins!
Christine Matter : $50
Sarah Henderson
Michael Stoesz
Go Alison!
Susan Herridge : $100
you go girl!!
Virginia Clarke : $50
I just wish I could come bowl with you!!
Emily Heinis : $50
SARAH robbins : $50
You girls GO!! Love the bling